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Moving forward...Let' s discuss freelancing. This buzzword has been around for years and throughout the years this word has had highs and lows in popularity. I believe when most think of freelancing an initial thought of working for yourself comes to mind...though not in the traditional sense. By traditional sense...I am referring to filing papers to become a legitimate business. Although there are several types of freelancing...I wonder how often we look at freelancing in its most simplest form. Using a perfected skill to assist others regardless of whether we receive payment.

Yes...non-payment freelance! Providing advice to another in an area where you've achieved a specific level of expertise. This type of freelancing occurs everyday. Many times payment is not something many of us are thinking about. For instance, my younger brother is big into fitness, has worked out for years and really understands the ins and outs. When he goes to the gym he is asked a lot about his routine...which I think often times interrupts his own sessions. I believe him being a walking advertisement certainly helps. He's done the work. I brought up why not do virtual trainings or onsite trainings and he mentioned that he' s thought about this type of stuff but just never really pushed forward with it. Life happens! He's gotten started and is developing his website. He's also written several fitness freelance exams of which can be taken at

Getting back to freelancing...I get many questions about where he student freelance concept but moreso how stock shares via site implementation came about. Well the concept of student freelance has been around for several years wit several flavors. I believe when I joined the mix with my flavor,,, and we're also creating a path also. Things have continued to evolve as sites like rookiework, slance, bistara, and others have helped to continuing pushing this concept forward. Precursors like Elance and combined were began the marketplace concept via a bid/award process for gaining work as a professional.

I look at posts on social media sites and there are a ton of freelancers. Another area I see is the shot of adrenaline at the number likes, views, shares and such can provide. I wonder what can be achieved globally if that adrenaline push can add a financial benefit. This is where we are at certificationpoint...allowing student to become vested. Imagine using your vesting in to pay off student loans or use them for a home down payment. Who knows what this will eventually become!

How has freelancing helped you?

How many certpoints have you achieved on certificationpoint so far?

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