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Answers to the possible concerns with respect to the Career Gateway Path Program as a non-credited course opportunity. (Please see our responses below)

1. Redundancy of course topic: do we already offer it?

At this time colleges offer internships, online education for credit/non-credit, collaborative learning partnerships with businesses, and work study. The CGPP program is a 5-6 week combination of the best in each area within a mentor-led group setting at each phase. The best part of the CGPP program, that the aforementioned programs do not offer is allowing students to learn how to sell themselves to a prospective real-world client via RFP's and project bid submissions. Once awarded the project, in a group setting the students complete their various phases of the project and at completion the approved business partner submits payment to the group. Follow-up on each project includes a business client review, group-based peer review, as well as a lesson's learned submission of which is databased into a national student repository. Another offering that CGPP provides is the ability for intra-regional collaborative project opportunities (by region only at this point), allowing students to engage with students at other colleges to complete a prospective business client's project. (example: Marin College/UCLA/Arizona State Univ. project collaboration).

This is a patented process and currently awaiting federal level funding. Once a student has completed the program the can continuing working through the site for future for-pay projects. One of the major gains for the student is the depth of tangible resume experience and networking opportunities gained while in college both externally and internally.

2. Redundancy of course topic: is it offered in the college’s credit program?

Not at this time at your school

3. Availability of suitable facilities/classroom resources

Can be taught either:



Onsite (Instructors can add this opportunity into their curricula.)

4. Enrollment history of similar courses within the program

The CGPP is a relatively new initiative of metrics are currently and continuously being gained and processed into useful data for our member colleges

5. Cost factors $20 student course fee (Note: Students will actually earn pay for projects following the completion of 2 practice projects during the program.

Download a course proposal for you respective college from the link provided below. Proposal_Download

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