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The Career Gateway Path Program (CGPP) will evaluate and add structure to the student¹s ability to develop a personal professional network during and after program involvement through use of the career self-service portal. The premise here is to provide students with best value from a streamlined program which constantly seeks process improvement. Periodic self-assessment provisions allow students to stay in accordance with the current job market with respect to their STEM-related career choice.

With continuous improvement as the program focus we¹ll strive to continue evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the Career Gateway Path Program (CGPP) initiative. By providing a real-world education to collaborate with the learning obtained during their college years will assist students STEM learning outcomes and overall retention. Here again, the premise here is that by closing the knowledge-experience gaps will assist in each student becoming more confident and self-sufficient and achieve maximum benefit from the program through-out their college years as well as into their prospective career path after college. This initiative will serve as a pipeline connected to the college ensuring max preparation for students after graduation.

Registration Information (Portal):

 - Student_Freelance

eMarketplace Homepage:

 - eMarketplace

eLearning Partner Site (currently being re-designed):


Mentor-Led Expertise Partner Site (currently being re-designed):



Unleashing Your Harnessed Potential presents a solid introduction for new entrepreneurs/freelancers as well as a roadmap for continued success provided to the seasonal professional. The book details how to define, measure, and understand what your goals are and how to achieve the goals you have already started working towards.

COURSE DATES (Tentative)

Each Fall & Spring Semester (Tuesday & Thursdays - Approx. 2-3 hrs a week for 6 weeks)

Includes 1-day initial Workshop/Meet-n-Greet (Can be completed online)


Onsite/Online Location (Portal):

 - Student Project Portal Info

Students from your college using CertificationPoint:

 - Claim_UR_College

CertificationPoint Student Entrepreneur Portal (example):

 - Student Project Portal


Book/eBook - Unleashing Your Harnessed Potential

(Available on & CertificationPoint Website)

(ISBN-10: 1484917235 or 146755283 / ISBN-13: 978-1484917237)

 - Buy Book

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