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"Thanks to CertificationPoint we have found solutions to all my Server problems, and all within 5 mins of posting. I had two projects and I am very pleased with the high standard of work/professionalism and will definitely be using CertificationPoint again. I will be putting a link to this eMarketplace, for all my customers, on my web hosting site. Thank you all for a great service and great programmers. You are the standard for finding validated and experienced personnel!" - John
"As a new provider with various credentials from previous employment, I was able to hit the ground running at CertificationPoint.Org. Thanks." - NetMenGroup
"I just wanted to let you know about my first experience of CertificationPoint. I have just received the artwork / design for a CD and am extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you for providing an easy to use top quality service." - James
"I posted a job to create an exact, photo-realistic computer generated rendering of my apartment. I included only a few simple sketches was amazed that i received over twenty bids." - - MatrixWeb
"I am a college student at Colorado State. I have been looking for a way to build my experience while in college. Thanks for this useful service Certificationpoint.Org" - - C. Roivalis
"I'm a local student and have been selected for the initial pilot for the Career Gateway Path Program. I'm looking forward to getting started and networking with others in my group...will keep you posted! Thanks CertificationPoint.Org" - - Mandy C.
"Thanks CertificationPoint for a unique service. I'm glad I got in at the start!" - - Creativecircle
"Thanks for contacting us Certificationpoint. We look forward to using te CGPP as part of our college curriculum in the feature. We love your process and believe it will greatly help our college." - - NCC
"CertificationPoint is the perfect way to reach international customers." - Samantha J.
"I value the power of client feedback, allowing me to hire people with a proven track record." - Nathan L.
"We were faced with hiring a single employee or 20 plus verified CertificationPoint providers. It was a simple decision." - Jan P.
"Being in the ePublishing business, the main benefit of CertificationPoint is time-saving, as contractors I hire are always able to meet very short deadlines." - Ramon T. - Extreme Sports

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