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CertificationPoint's student project-based learning freelance initiative is a mission-driven organization which connects students to future success and opportunity via project-based learning collabartions with global businessed through 'tasCerts' projects.

Each year, CertificationPoint strives to continue helping more students prepare for a successful transition from college to employment through programs and services in college readiness, college entreprenuership and college success. CertificationPoint also serves the education community through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators and schools.

College Students --- LEARNing Task$!

- Create a free profile
- Jobs & 'tasCerts' that match your skills via email
- Work on jobs/ Bid on 'tasCerts' that interest you
- Submit applications/RFPs and get hired
- A job well done turns into repeat business
- Turn experience, honed skills, & education into a full-time job
-> Add your college/View how your college stacks up

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