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 Project: The Helping Bridge  
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Created: 6/19/2017 at 19:00 CDT
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Description: Thehelpingbridge.com

The main objective of this site is to connect the people/organizations who need help/volunteers with students who need service hours. The website would provide a much needed service because not all volunteer opportunities need to be on a large scale. Small things that people, specifically seniors, need help with are being overlooked in almost every single community we live in.
This site would provide the help they need when they need it. Such as help cleaning the house, i.e. dishes, laundry, cooking, moving things around, stocking groceries. Many seniors have minor surgeries and are bedridden with no family help, this would also be a great opportunity for students to help someone in dire need. Also some just need company. Some elderly are too scared to take walks by themselves for fear of falling, so they remain in their homes for extended periods of time. So just having company and a companion visit is also an acceptable request.
The website would be designed with a simple platform to track students performance and hours. This benefits the student because it keeps an accurate summary of their community service hours, it also creates accountability by tracking whether the student shows up for allotted time and does what they are supposed to do. A feedback system is necessary so that students take their responsibilities seriously.
The website needs to be designed with simplicity in mind. Uncluttered with only pertinent information boldly displayed on each page.
Since our target audience is the elderly we need to keep this in mind. Most seniors are not using the internet we would have an admin that would help those who cannot post their own needs. The admin will also need to approve all requests made by seniors.
How the website works: Students sign up into the database. The database will through the school system verify the student’s identity with their student id number. Their picture will also be needed. They could have the ability to build personal profiles which shows their hours and “feedback” to the admin/senior.
A senior who needs help would either call admin or post it themselves. Once the senior is approved (we need to make sure they are who they say they are for safety reasons) their jobs can be posted with the amount of hours needed:

Example: Mary Sue
Needs: House cleaned
Location: Rockwall Commons
Hours: 1
Dates: between Mon-Wed 4-6pm

Students would look through the postings and find one that matched their skills and schedule. Once approved they will be “booked” for the job. Once a student and senior has a history the system should be able to book automatically without needing admin to approval. (hopefully this makes sense)

This site would not be limited to helping seniors. Anyone or any organization that needs help in the community can post needs on the site..based upon approval of course.
We really appreciate your time.
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