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What is CertificationPoint.Org B2C/B2B?
CertificationPoint.Org is a service that connects service providers, whether seasoned professionals or college students, with buyers that need career-field neutral work taskings completed. Much like an reverse-auction, buyer individual or group-based projects are posted and interested providers bid on them.

How many service providers use CertificationPoint.Org?
We have over 20k connected providers and buyers on CertificationPoint.Org with new members signing everyday. We look forward to you becoming a part of the CertificationPoint family.

What are the associated transaction fees with using this website?
Please see the fee schedule below: For Buyers Post Project: $20 Post Featured Projects: $35 Post Job: $150 ------------------------------- For Probiders Bid on a Project: $2

Are there any other transaction fees to be aware of?
Yes, We use PayPal as an accepted form of payment. Using PayPal has associated fees to transfer funds.

How much do I need to have in my provider account before I can withdraw funds?
The amount of funds you add to your account is entirely up to you. Please see the fee schedule below: For Buyers Post Project: $20 Post Featured Projects: $35 Post Job: $150 ------------------------------- For Probiders Bid on a Project: $2

I'm an instructor at a stateside college, how do I get started? Are the the templates available?
Please complete the instructor registration form and we will create your account. A welcome package will be sent to you in the mail containing templates, a lanyard, your Certoken, and additional getting started information. Templates can be downloaded from the developer resources page on our main website.

How does the Certoken work?
The Certoken is a unique idea allowing our site users discounts on advertising, project completion, and resources in our web store.

When does the book come out?
The book "Unleashing Your Harnessed Potential" is currently available! Purchases can be made from our VirtStore, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Can the book be used as a course guide in college courses?
Most Certainly, For college instructors registered in the program the book will be available at a discount price for the students. Book Excerpts

How does the Self-Service Portal work?
The core feature self service portal enables providers and buyers the ability to centrally manage all credentials as well as have them validated. Additional features for the self service portal are provided depending on the registrants subscription level.

How can I invest in CertificationPoint.org?
If you are registered and at this page, you are already vested in CertificationPoint. Members become vested be posting projects, bidding on projects, posting jobs, buying our book, and etc.

How can I join your team as a volunteer?
We are always looking for bright innovative individuals who are willing to assist CertificationPoint. Please email inquiries to: Info@certificationpoint.org

I'm a college student and I have a group of friends that would like to work together as a group for volunteer projects. How can we get started?
Please email us at info@certificationpoint.org to get a group account created.

Can I receive a certificate for the pre-certification exams I complete successfully?
Sure, Please send an email to Info@certificationpoint.org to recieve your certificate in the mail.

I registered for the Career Path Gateway Program an was never placed in a program.
Please send an email to Shaunielle.Johnson@certificationpoint.net with respect to CGPP program placement issues.

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