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More and more businesses are becoming open to the idea of using freelancers to get work done as it saves them money without having to make a permanent commitment as they do with employees. Freelancers often fill a temporary need and then move on to the next freelancing opportunity.

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A somewhat common misconception is that freelancers are called that because they work for free - or next to it. That is not the case, and as freelancers gain more and more experience in the field in which they specialize, they can command higher rates for their work.

Freelancers and independent workers are a growing cadre of the U.S. workforce. They already account for an estimated 16 million workers, and recruiting firm MBO Partners predicts that figure may rise to 65 million by 2020 if existing trends continue.

Freelancing is on the rise because there are more opportunities to do it. Before, there were only a few specific jobs offered in a freelance capacity—writing, editing and graphic design, for example. “Now we’re seeing a really big broadening across occupations and industries,” says Sutton Fell.

Creative fields continue to lead the pack in freelancing, with writing, graphic design and social media offering a wealth of good-paying freelance jobs. In addition, a few surprising freelance careers emerged, including business project management, insurance inspection, accounting and web development in locations around the country.