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Good Afternoon!

As always thanks for reading this blog as well as the great feedback.

Why this topic? What’s the benefit?

I chose progression because I believe this applies to the core objectives of CertificationPoint. The type of progressive interactions we embark on paves a path to get us where we want to get to. The type I ‘d like to write about today is the instruction aspect.

I believe constant growth is very important but there are only so many books you can read. The type of instruction is very important as well as obtaining instruction. Back to the earlier question of why? Because we can only do so much by ourselves. What’s the benefit? You can get to your intended end-state much faster using a known system. Now for quick plug...CertificationPoint allows students to collaborate with peers, professionals, and businesses. This wide net allow for streams of instruction. Building a team is important!

Today I had the opportunity for attend a Daymond John event. Of course he was not there but there are several others reps available and the instruction being provided was pretty cool. I used to have my doubts for such events due to the hype factor. There’s much to learn there as well. This is the 40yr plus old version of me speaking. If you have time take some time to obtain the valuable nuggets at these events. They also allow for invaluable networking of people at stages of life. Take a crack at avenues of progression through interaction and see where it leads you.

What are your thoughts about and experiences with progression through instruction?

What was a great opportunity for progression for you?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 10:08 AM ( 33 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Status Update: The non editable version of the brackets for the 64 school field will be available on Febrauary 16 at 8:00AM. The link to the brackets will be available from the following link: http://www.

The Career Gateway Path Program (CGPP) on cd/dvd will be available for purchase the last week of March.

Have an awesome day.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018, 09:47 PM ( 62 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Good Evening!

I hope everyone enjoyed the last topic. The feedback received was awesome.

What about collaboration correlates to trust or to trusting one’s self?

The dictionary describes collaboration as working together for a project or a creation. This definition is very accurate but diving deeper into the words ‘working together’ can have a broad meaning. By this...what I am trying to convey is our body functions by various parts working together for specific processes. A project in the project management sense has a beginning and an end. Think about how our body works together to lift a spoon of food to our mouth. Each time this occurs could be considered a project since each instance the spoon moves from the plate to the mouth could be considered a project because each instance has a beginning and end and also is not exactly the same. Moving forward into collaboration and trust...I believe trust is at the heart of successful collaboration whether it’s with the human or animals body or a group of individuals. Take for instance the type of birds that dive into the water for food. Those birds brains have a cushion in the front of their brains that allows them to brace for the impact at those speeds. I have to wonder if us watching and studying this instance of nature allowed for the creation or airbags. The bird instance along with individuals who become body builders or runners...awesome collaboration!

Collaboration in the sense where a group of individuals work together for a project or creation having a level of trust comes into play in order for success. There doesn’t have to be a great level of trust to get the job done...but imagine what types of creations can exist with a high level of trust. Much can dissolve initial trust when taking into our differences, cognitive dissonance, as well as our person inhibitions. When taking this into account and then looking around the world via pictures and locations I have visited the accomplishments are amazing both past and present.

Now for a brief example of a collaborative experience which I recently experienced. I recently took a short trip to the local Target and was waiting for my daughters to get out of the car I noticed a mid aged woman on crutches was slowly making her way into the store as she was getting ready to get to the door a young Hispanic kid walks briskly past this whirlwind the lady immediately grabbed at her purse which was swinging loosely as she progressed...well she fell as the young man was trying to open the door for her and some items fell out of her this time she was more concerned with the fall as people aproached watched and kept it moving. The young man let the door close and asked the woman if he help her out and she obliged accordingly. He helped her gather the few items and helped her up...he then re-opened the door for her and seemed to go on his merry way.

How’s that for collaboration?

Special Note: To the students who have registered on CertificationPoint and embark on various experiences via collaboration with othe college students nationwide and business...please understand there will be twists and turns in the collaborative experiences of which I believe many great creations will evolve, but not with out a certain level of trust in yourself but also the businesses and your college student freelancing peers.

What are your thoughts about and experiences with collaboration?

What was one of your successful or unsuccessful collaborative creations?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 03:17 PM ( 69 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Good Afternoon All,
I appreciate the comments, feedback, and questions from earlier posts.

Let’s discuss social media! What it is and how it’s definition has changed over time.

First I’d like to start off by saying social media has been around for years in some way or the need to know...understand...and critique others has become more global so has the way of sharing. Today that vehicle for sharing is our mobile devices. I must add that there’s also much equipment in the middle space allowing this to occur.

Taking a look into Social Media of the past...most have to look no further than the high school years. Take for instance an after school fight. Didn’t it seem Like the whole school was made aware before the bell that signified the next change in classes. I often think about the social media aspects that played a part in putting the fight on the after school schedule. It seemed like the teachers were even aware. Being the son of a military veteran I was afforded the opportunity to move around a lot and while at a small military base in Crete, Greece I had an occurrence and it seemed like there was buildup and more build up just to let everyone down...a lot of excuses by each individual during and after why no real blows were thrown. The base security police ended coming around because they wanted to find out why just about every kid on base were in a centralized location. I can recall looking around and there were people sitting in the grass...some urging it on...other in groups talking to one another....quite funny as I look back on my interesting experience in 6th grade. Social media had its paws all over that situation. There are several other instances of social media of yesterday such as work place issues and the use of the telephone 3-way.

Social Media of today has encompassed the past so in a way it’s become more of a beast. I can just imagine my skirmish if it had happened In this day and time. It may have gone viral for biggest buildup that ended in a dud. There are several instances on Facebook Twitter and Youtube. I believe social media has captured those devastating events in more real time versus someone a thousand miles away having see it in the news or the newspaper the following day. In away social media along with our devices have allowed everyone to become a news personality. I believe it has also allowed people to come together for great causes...such as JJ Watt and those assisting for the Houston flooding. Great efforts can be organized very quickly. On the other hand so can effort intended to cause chaos.

I often wonder with all of the social media avenues that the next stage will be the camera pointed back at each of us as individuals...similar to the such movies like Enemy of the State and Truman Show. How will we really view Social Media at that point? Funny those were the instances that first came to mind. The reason why I believe this what immediately comes to mind is I can recall as a very small child not knowing how TV actually worked and thinking I was always on TV when in all actuality I wasn’t. Funny stuff huh...go ahead and have a laugh. One things for sure it kept me out of a lot of trouble.

What are your thoughts about and experiences on Social Media?

What do you think is on the horizon for social media?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Sunday, February 4, 2018, 10:07 AM ( 65 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Advertising...huh? Why?

Because advertising is all around us. In many cases, I believe we tend to think of advertising in the traditional sense. We have a product or service and we pay to give our product or service visibility. Of course there are many free wys to get visibility for our product as well. When I mentioned earlier that advertising is all around us...the point that I would like to hit home is the we as people are essentially an advertisement as well as things we on a daily basis. From the 60 second commercial to an hour long movie are both advertisements as well. Ready to dig in?

Let's begin with a story... pulling from an experience back in 1992.

I can recall basketball being very important to me during this timeframe. I can still recall tryouts and getting cut my senior year of high school. I can remember feeling like my world had just ended. I cried and cried....and then cried so more. Those visions of playing basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks had officially ended. I can honesty say I carried that hurt around for a long time. I finished the school year with a plan to continue playing basketball. My parents helped provide the opportunity by assisting with paying for college and that was all think about during the Summer. I left for college shortly after graduation for Leavenworth, KS and played ball and worked out a lot. I can recall joining in a game of 21 with a few other players after watching them for a few moments. I recall competing well and one of the guys mentioned that he was going to put his real defense on me and I was still able to do my thing. After we finished I talked briefly with the guy and he told me his name was Pat and I told him my name and he said al, the <lastnme> can ball. A few weeks later my uncle and my cousins were talking about great players in the city and the guys name came up and I was like I just played against this guy. What I didn't know is he was back for the Summer from Northwestern Univ. Eventually I made my way to college in Topeka, Ks. I talked to the coaches and expressed interest in being a walk-on. They told me when team worked out and such and I showed up somewhat nervous. One of the seniors picked me up on his team. We got on the court and We started playing and the very first play the guy I was guarding launches a deep three in my face...nothing but net. The senior that picked me up on his team said young buck you gotta get in his face that's Nitty...he can shoot. We come back down court and I launched a three in his face...nothing but net. Later I find out Nitty was a star from the previous year. I ended up making the team. Although my grades played a part in me not sticking around...I believe my advertisement played a big role. Earlier I mentioned getting cut...and often wonder what my advertisement was during that timeframe as well as how it changed in less than a year.

I believe we are always advertising in one way or another and many times it can make the difference between getting the nod and not getting the nod. Also, our advertisement can have a way of following us for years. I can recall my brother right below my participating in a league back home in Vegas and guess who comes up to talk to him and my mom about basketball and the school he goes to...the very same coach that cut me. I can remember my family calling me in Japan.(by this time I had joined the military) and I was like that situation is on you...and I could remember my last year leaving a bad taste in my moms mouth as well. My brother stayed at his same school which was one of the most talented in that state during that timeframe and had a hard time getting on the court as far as playing time...which was also due to his grades. The team he probably could have gone to with the coach that cut me probably had the best player in the state. I have to wonder how things could have turned out differently.

I believe a lot of this holds true as parent deal with their children and vice versa. Although the parent obviously know a lot more about their children and the child' overall advertisement...Overtime the child begins to see the parent's advertisement.

I often watch commercials and wonder what ingredient made to commercials which were very similar product drastically different results. Was it timing? The development team? The continual push? Etc...etc?

Lastly, let's take a look at piece of furniture in our home...say a kitchen table. Let' say a particular corner of that table is always getting wobbly over time and is know as the bad leg of the table. Is it possible that edge of the table gets the most use? Over time the table is painted and such but that leg of the table gets most of the direct advertising while the other legs of the table play somewhat of a supporting role. Should the table be rotated every so often for an even balance or would it matter whatever position the table is in...that one leg would get the most use?

What are your thoughts about and experiences with advertising?

What was one of you successful advertisements?

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Saturday, February 3, 2018, 02:50 PM ( 17 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Hello All,

Thanks for the awesome comments about the last post concerning freelancing.

Today I'd like to provide a brief update for this years Claim UR College Challenge. This contest has certainly grown over the years due to awesome support. We have an awesome group of participants colleges this year. We've ensured a decent mix of big and small colleges...from 4 year schools to 2 year schools. As March 1st approaches I can' t help but think about what this Challenge can evolve into. We hope you like the changes to the formatting as we strive to make this better.

What has been the best part of this contest for you?

What are your thoughts on how we can continue to build on this contest's success?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Friday, February 2, 2018, 12:14 AM ( 68 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Hello All,
I hope you enjoyed the last post. Thanks for the feedback!

Moving forward...Let' s discuss freelancing. This buzzword has been around for years and throughout the years this word has had highs and lows in popularity. I believe when most think of freelancing an initial thought of working for yourself comes to mind...though not in the traditional sense. By traditional sense...I am referring to filing papers to become a legitimate business. Although there are several types of freelancing...I wonder how often we look at freelancing in its most simplest form. Using a perfected skill to assist others regardless of whether we receive payment.

Yes...non-payment freelance! Providing advice to another in an area where you've achieved a specific level of expertise. This type of freelancing occurs everyday. Many times payment is not something many of us are thinking about. For instance, my younger brother is big into fitness, has worked out for years and really understands the ins and outs. When he goes to the gym he is asked a lot about his routine...which I think often times interrupts his own sessions. I believe him being a walking advertisement certainly helps. He's done the work. I brought up why not do virtual trainings or onsite trainings and he mentioned that he' s thought about this type of stuff but just never really pushed forward with it. Life happens! He's gotten started and is developing his website. He's also written several fitness freelance exams of which can be taken at

Getting back to freelancing...I get many questions about where he student freelance concept but moreso how stock shares via site implementation came about. Well the concept of student freelance has been around for several years wit several flavors. I believe when I joined the mix with my flavor,,, and we're also creating a path also. Things have continued to evolve as sites like rookiework, slance, bistara, and others have helped to continuing pushing this concept forward. Precursors like Elance and combined were began the marketplace concept via a bid/award process for gaining work as a professional.

I look at posts on social media sites and there are a ton of freelancers. Another area I see is the shot of adrenaline at the number likes, views, shares and such can provide. I wonder what can be achieved globally if that adrenaline push can add a financial benefit. This is where we are at certificationpoint...allowing student to become vested. Imagine using your vesting in to pay off student loans or use them for a home down payment. Who knows what this will eventually become!

How has freelancing helped you?

How many certpoints have you achieved on certificationpoint so far?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Sunday, January 28, 2018, 06:10 PM ( 38 views )  - Posted by Administrator
As some of those close to me know, yesterday was my birthday(I will not say my age). Usually this is a day in which I sit back relax reminisce a little about where I am, where I began, where I've been, and where I want to go. Due to the continued success of CertificationPoint, the affects of mentoring weighed heavily on my mind.

I've had some very good mentors in my time here, most notably my father, but with respect to my career field of choice I have had mentors who have forced success upon me as well as some who've forced failure. Those times of success do wonders for keeping you encouraged and feeling really good about yourself, but I am becoming more of a believer that in those times of failure an individual is forced to expand. I can recall holding grudges against some mentors but they have also helped me to grow probably moreso than the mentoring who provided steady and glowing encouragement.

My initial college years were full of failure as I tried to pursue a degree in computer science and also play basketball. Those were some awesome experiences but my growth in my future field of choice grew at a snails pace. Some classes I took I got great grades in put lack the real applicable knowledge behind the theories. They were other classes where I failed horribly. At the time I wasn't aware that I needed to together my puzzle via these classes, but also learn to apply in the workforce or better yet apply via creativity(entrprenuership). I use the term puzzle because normally we don't see one person putting together a puzzle, most times there's more than one person working together to connect the pieces.

I evetually called a timeout on college but not on learning as I joined the military, many military members know what I mean. I chose an IT career field and was introduced to a different type of learning and application. It was during these times I was like wow...what did I really learn in college and why wasn't trying to apply what I was learning. Eventually I completed my core military learning and was permitted to start back taking college courses. It was at this time my puzzle started coming together. I believe I started to really experience great growth due to the fact all or most of my courses tied to my degree. I could close all of my learning gaps via our more experience and longer tenured military members in the organizations that I was part of.

Evetually, I started to really that creating useful apps for various processes was my route. I could create little apps and allow member to use them and critique...some where cool and some sucked and some led us towards similar but more well-design off the shelf products.

Mentors have played a very big role in my life and this is the intended purpose of CetificationPoint. I believe vertical mentoring and horizontal mentoring
(mentoring from peers)can add to the depth of others puzzle as they begin to reach there potential and validate their credentials.

What are your thoughts on the benefits of mentoring?

How has it helped you in your career path?

Note: If this article has helped, please feel free to share. If you'd like to participate and post an article, please send your submissions to

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 01:35 AM ( 4413 views )  - Posted by Administrator
With a new school year upon us, it's important we mention our Career Gateway Path Program for college students as well as the Student Freelance Exam (Beta).

Please see details below...

Mission: Ensuring College Students A Means Of Reaching Their Potential While Validating Their Credentials.

The Career Gateway Preparatory Program (project based learning) serves as a way of connecting college students with local, national and global business as a way for students to gain real world experience. All freelance/project based learning job projects will have a qualified project manager and mentor to ensure both jobs and projects meet the required objectives of the businesses involved. Building trust between the two is important and CertificationPoint.Org has THE working model.Certificationpoint.Org will help students develop real-world know-how in the ten crucial skill groups.

Work Ethic
Physical Performance
Influencing People
Number Crunching
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Course-Based Projects (CGPP)
Mentor: Instructors, CertificationPoint mentors, and Alumni
Audience: Students & Student-Based Groups

Subject: Career-related activities encountered in the student’s area of specialization offered through an individualized agreement among the college, employer, and student. Under the supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience. May include a instructor provided lecture component.

Initiative: Instructors are permitted to post practice individual and group based freelance projects with to course/career objective to assist students in bridging the gap between classroom learning and work experience. Instructors, CertificationPoint mentors, and Alumni also act as the mentor for individual and group based freelance projects/jobs posted by businesses with in their respective region to add to business service buyer peace of mind with respect to new pipeline students working towards their submitted freelance project/job completion. Course companion text "Unleashing Your Harnessed Potential" will be available via CertificationPoint and ISBN-10: 146755228

Exams: Students will have two exams and two real-world projects of which they will be paid to complete. Students will receive their student freelance certification. The 5 week course fee is $450. The year long course is $3599. Self Starters can take the Basic ($29.99), Intermediate ($49.99), or Advanced ($69.99) Student Freelance certification exams for the official certification. Student Freelance career-based certification exams cost $69.99. Students will receive two tries at passing the exam and must take the Basic Exam initially.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 01:30 AM ( 184 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Welcome Fellow Bloggers & Blog Readers!

1. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to follow our exciting initiative!

2. Feel free to comment on our submissions as feedback is always encouraged.

Note: This Blog is moderated and all comments are reviewed prior to publishing.

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