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Good Afternoon All,
I appreciate the comments, feedback, and questions from earlier posts.

Let’s discuss social media! What it is and how it’s definition has changed over time.

First I’d like to start off by saying social media has been around for years in some way or the need to know...understand...and critique others has become more global so has the way of sharing. Today that vehicle for sharing is our mobile devices. I must add that there’s also much equipment in the middle space allowing this to occur.

Taking a look into Social Media of the past...most have to look no further than the high school years. Take for instance an after school fight. Didn’t it seem Like the whole school was made aware before the bell that signified the next change in classes. I often think about the social media aspects that played a part in putting the fight on the after school schedule. It seemed like the teachers were even aware. Being the son of a military veteran I was afforded the opportunity to move around a lot and while at a small military base in Crete, Greece I had an occurrence and it seemed like there was buildup and more build up just to let everyone down...a lot of excuses by each individual during and after why no real blows were thrown. The base security police ended coming around because they wanted to find out why just about every kid on base were in a centralized location. I can recall looking around and there were people sitting in the grass...some urging it on...other in groups talking to one another....quite funny as I look back on my interesting experience in 6th grade. Social media had its paws all over that situation. There are several other instances of social media of yesterday such as work place issues and the use of the telephone 3-way.

Social Media of today has encompassed the past so in a way it’s become more of a beast. I can just imagine my skirmish if it had happened In this day and time. It may have gone viral for biggest buildup that ended in a dud. There are several instances on Facebook Twitter and Youtube. I believe social media has captured those devastating events in more real time versus someone a thousand miles away having see it in the news or the newspaper the following day. In away social media along with our devices have allowed everyone to become a news personality. I believe it has also allowed people to come together for great causes...such as JJ Watt and those assisting for the Houston flooding. Great efforts can be organized very quickly. On the other hand so can effort intended to cause chaos.

I often wonder with all of the social media avenues that the next stage will be the camera pointed back at each of us as individuals...similar to the such movies like Enemy of the State and Truman Show. How will we really view Social Media at that point? Funny those were the instances that first came to mind. The reason why I believe this what immediately comes to mind is I can recall as a very small child not knowing how TV actually worked and thinking I was always on TV when in all actuality I wasn’t. Funny stuff huh...go ahead and have a laugh. One things for sure it kept me out of a lot of trouble.

What are your thoughts about and experiences on Social Media?

What do you think is on the horizon for social media?

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