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I hope everyone enjoyed the last topic. The feedback received was awesome.

What about collaboration correlates to trust or to trusting one’s self?

The dictionary describes collaboration as working together for a project or a creation. This definition is very accurate but diving deeper into the words ‘working together’ can have a broad meaning. By this...what I am trying to convey is our body functions by various parts working together for specific processes. A project in the project management sense has a beginning and an end. Think about how our body works together to lift a spoon of food to our mouth. Each time this occurs could be considered a project since each instance the spoon moves from the plate to the mouth could be considered a project because each instance has a beginning and end and also is not exactly the same. Moving forward into collaboration and trust...I believe trust is at the heart of successful collaboration whether it’s with the human or animals body or a group of individuals. Take for instance the type of birds that dive into the water for food. Those birds brains have a cushion in the front of their brains that allows them to brace for the impact at those speeds. I have to wonder if us watching and studying this instance of nature allowed for the creation or airbags. The bird instance along with individuals who become body builders or runners...awesome collaboration!

Collaboration in the sense where a group of individuals work together for a project or creation having a level of trust comes into play in order for success. There doesn’t have to be a great level of trust to get the job done...but imagine what types of creations can exist with a high level of trust. Much can dissolve initial trust when taking into our differences, cognitive dissonance, as well as our person inhibitions. When taking this into account and then looking around the world via pictures and locations I have visited the accomplishments are amazing both past and present.

Now for a brief example of a collaborative experience which I recently experienced. I recently took a short trip to the local Target and was waiting for my daughters to get out of the car I noticed a mid aged woman on crutches was slowly making her way into the store as she was getting ready to get to the door a young Hispanic kid walks briskly past this whirlwind the lady immediately grabbed at her purse which was swinging loosely as she progressed...well she fell as the young man was trying to open the door for her and some items fell out of her this time she was more concerned with the fall as people aproached watched and kept it moving. The young man let the door close and asked the woman if he help her out and she obliged accordingly. He helped her gather the few items and helped her up...he then re-opened the door for her and seemed to go on his merry way.

How’s that for collaboration?

Special Note: To the students who have registered on CertificationPoint and embark on various experiences via collaboration with othe college students nationwide and business...please understand there will be twists and turns in the collaborative experiences of which I believe many great creations will evolve, but not with out a certain level of trust in yourself but also the businesses and your college student freelancing peers.

What are your thoughts about and experiences with collaboration?

What was one of your successful or unsuccessful collaborative creations?

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