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Advertising...huh? Why?

Because advertising is all around us. In many cases, I believe we tend to think of advertising in the traditional sense. We have a product or service and we pay to give our product or service visibility. Of course there are many free wys to get visibility for our product as well. When I mentioned earlier that advertising is all around us...the point that I would like to hit home is the we as people are essentially an advertisement as well as things we on a daily basis. From the 60 second commercial to an hour long movie are both advertisements as well. Ready to dig in?

Let's begin with a story... pulling from an experience back in 1992.

I can recall basketball being very important to me during this timeframe. I can still recall tryouts and getting cut my senior year of high school. I can remember feeling like my world had just ended. I cried and cried....and then cried so more. Those visions of playing basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks had officially ended. I can honesty say I carried that hurt around for a long time. I finished the school year with a plan to continue playing basketball. My parents helped provide the opportunity by assisting with paying for college and that was all think about during the Summer. I left for college shortly after graduation for Leavenworth, KS and played ball and worked out a lot. I can recall joining in a game of 21 with a few other players after watching them for a few moments. I recall competing well and one of the guys mentioned that he was going to put his real defense on me and I was still able to do my thing. After we finished I talked briefly with the guy and he told me his name was Pat and I told him my name and he said al, the <lastnme> can ball. A few weeks later my uncle and my cousins were talking about great players in the city and the guys name came up and I was like I just played against this guy. What I didn't know is he was back for the Summer from Northwestern Univ. Eventually I made my way to college in Topeka, Ks. I talked to the coaches and expressed interest in being a walk-on. They told me when team worked out and such and I showed up somewhat nervous. One of the seniors picked me up on his team. We got on the court and We started playing and the very first play the guy I was guarding launches a deep three in my face...nothing but net. The senior that picked me up on his team said young buck you gotta get in his face that's Nitty...he can shoot. We come back down court and I launched a three in his face...nothing but net. Later I find out Nitty was a star from the previous year. I ended up making the team. Although my grades played a part in me not sticking around...I believe my advertisement played a big role. Earlier I mentioned getting cut...and often wonder what my advertisement was during that timeframe as well as how it changed in less than a year.

I believe we are always advertising in one way or another and many times it can make the difference between getting the nod and not getting the nod. Also, our advertisement can have a way of following us for years. I can recall my brother right below my participating in a league back home in Vegas and guess who comes up to talk to him and my mom about basketball and the school he goes to...the very same coach that cut me. I can remember my family calling me in Japan.(by this time I had joined the military) and I was like that situation is on you...and I could remember my last year leaving a bad taste in my moms mouth as well. My brother stayed at his same school which was one of the most talented in that state during that timeframe and had a hard time getting on the court as far as playing time...which was also due to his grades. The team he probably could have gone to with the coach that cut me probably had the best player in the state. I have to wonder how things could have turned out differently.

I believe a lot of this holds true as parent deal with their children and vice versa. Although the parent obviously know a lot more about their children and the child' overall advertisement...Overtime the child begins to see the parent's advertisement.

I often watch commercials and wonder what ingredient made to commercials which were very similar product drastically different results. Was it timing? The development team? The continual push? Etc...etc?

Lastly, let's take a look at piece of furniture in our home...say a kitchen table. Let' say a particular corner of that table is always getting wobbly over time and is know as the bad leg of the table. Is it possible that edge of the table gets the most use? Over time the table is painted and such but that leg of the table gets most of the direct advertising while the other legs of the table play somewhat of a supporting role. Should the table be rotated every so often for an even balance or would it matter whatever position the table is in...that one leg would get the most use?

What are your thoughts about and experiences with advertising?

What was one of you successful advertisements?

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