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About CertificationPoint
We facilitate the process of validating your credentials to worldwide service buyers by offering awesome custom resources for your success.

So what is CertificationPoint.Org?
CertificationPoint is a global online employment marketplace. CertificationPoint allows clients to hire businesses, college students(via project based learning), as well as independent contractors. Online collaborative tools allow for onsite and/or remote team project management. Independent contractors, businesses, and college students create online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals for jobs, and collaborate and receive payment through the CertificationPoint. CertificationPoint allows for centralized credential management for businesses, contractors and college students for career management and networking.

The CertificationPoint Team

Who is CertificationPoint? CertificationPoint consists of all the members that interact with our website. Our team is made up of college students, business professionals, new businesses as well as Fortune 500 businesses. All members of CertificationPointare vested at various levels based on site interaction. As most members can agree, the core area of CertificationPoint is the freelance marketplace for college students and the freelance markeplace for professionals. These two types of marketplaces align service buyers with service providers for a wide range of projects. Thousands of quality site members have made CertificationPoint the top shelf resource that it is today.

Founder & Senior Operations Director

Byron Giles, founder of CertificationPoint, has over 20 years professional experience in technical and management positions. Support includes nationwide corporations and USAF top-tier websites and computer systems. Mr. Giles has a background in web development and system/network administration, of which much of his training and experience has been gained during his time in the USAF. He is the author of the book entitled 'Unleashing Your Harnessed Potential'.